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Essential Oils

Palmarosa Oil

Other Name

Palmarosa Essential Oil

Source & Description Entirely Essential oil, Steam distilled & obtained from the grass of plant Cymbopogon martini
CAS 8014-19-5
Colour / Appearance Pale yellow liquid
Odour Rosaceous with a characteristic grassy background
Refractive Index @ 72°F

1.4690 ~ 1.4735

Optical Rotation +2.45
Specific Gravity @ 72°F 0.870 ~ 0.890
Solubility Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and oils
Application      : Lotions, Massage oils, Air Fresheners, Body Fragrance, Aromatherapy Products, etc...
Packing            :  In New G.I. Drum 25 kg Net airtight packed.