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Vee Kay International… represents a unique blend of traditional knowledge and modern science. Established in 1995, today Vee Kay International carries the agenda of it's founders to Deliver Quality Naturally by employing the highest levels of technical expertise, advanced manufacturing and validation technologies and doing all this in an environment that is transparent, dedicated and visionary. Vee Kay International, sticks to stringent quality control measures and we manufacture only high purity products. We are also accredited by international quality control certifications ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 9001:2008+HACCP, cGMP, HALAL and still doing effort for achieve KOSHER. We cultivate the raw materials using the best manufacturing practice. Our quality controllers ensure that we procure the best quality of raw materials from authentic suppliers. Hence, we manufacture Aroma Chemicals, Mint and allied products, Indian Herbals Extracts, Natural Essential oils, Spices Oils - Oleoresins as per International standards. At our in-house quality control facility, our quality controllers verify the quality of the manufactured products.


Vee Kay International... has state-of-the-art infrastructure with its factory spread across 2500 Sq. Meters. We employ eco-friendly manufacturing practices and the 16 acres of land for plantation of mint and other plants provides raw materials, aids in research and helps in maintaining a clean and green environment. Our research and development contributes immensely to the success of the company. At the sophisticated laboratory, which also has two Capillary Gas Liquid Chromatographic and Pilot Plants (Glass), they conduct experiments and develop new products. Our team consist of engineers, technocrats, skilled and unskilled workers etc..., who work with unabated spirit to continue our success in the global market.

Research & Development

Our exhaustive R & D effort begins with Ethno botanical investigations, understanding traditional claims, subjecting these to chemical and pharmacological scrutiny and then producing an extract, an essential oil that bears exactly the same configuration of naturally occurring compounds as the original plant, but in a concentrated form to enable modern day formulators to deliver valid doses in reasonable presentation. In an industry, where a majority of buyers rely entirely on supplier claims, we remove any doubts by offering Chromatographic fingerprints and batch analysis reports that reflect not only the extract that you buy, but also the crude herbs that were used to manufacture the extracts. Each batch of finished product bears the record of its journey in and through our manufacturing / analytical processes.