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Essential Oils

Spearmint Oil

Other Name

Peppermint Ex-spearmint Oil, Mentha Spicata Oil

Source & Description An entirely natural oil, originally steam Distilled from the plant, Mentha Spicata grown in India
Colour / Appearance Slight-Yellow and clear
Odour Minty Cool fresh
SP.GR. 0.902 to 0.924
Refractive Index

1.4820°C to 1.4900°C

Optical Rotation -50°C to -60°C
L-Carvone By GC 55% to 60%
L-Limonene 17.5% to 19.8%
Cineol 3% to 3.5%
Application      : Pharmaceuticals, Confectioneries, Cosmetics and flavorings compound.
Packing            : In G.I. New Can airtight packed 25 & 180 Kgs net.