Continental Extracts and Essence Private Limited
  • Our devotion to our work is as pure as pure a child's Heart

  • Sustaining is the way we have adopted for the benefit of all the stakeholders.

  • We are sourcing and supplying accross the world. We are a certified company from India, serving the world.

  • Designing and Developing a bond of trust with nature

Years of Experience and Dedication

We are a link between the organizations looking for natural ingredients or fragrances and cultivators or growers. We have a sufficiently wide and enabled network of growers and cultivators in India and Countries like Bulgaria, Indonesia, Italy etc. whom we partner with, so to cater to the ever growing and increasing demand by our loyal buyers.


Years Of Experience

Preparing For Your Business Success


Why Choose Us

Quality is Our Priority

To make a better world by providing quality functional ingredients and remove the hassles of bad quality.

Let Us Do The Hard Work

We aim to improve the quality and transparency in the trade through stringent sourcing & quality control and by empowering quality manufacturer.

Research & Development

Owns a dedicated, veteran and trained team of Lab Specialists with complete infra from Fragrance Domain to provide the holistic Research and Development Support for Each Product.

Why Choose Our Solutions

We are committed to our stakeholders to enhance the value of our relationship through ethical business practices.

We are transparent to our vendors and customers in the sourcing of the material.

 We celebrate and welcome the diversity of material, people and ideas in our business.

We intend to be respectful of our business relationships and respectful of our business operations with the company.

We are sourcing and supplying accross the world. We are a certified company from India, serving the world.

How we growth our business.

At the core of our enterprise lies the meticulous management of our proprietary product inventory tailored to meet the exacting requirements of our clientele, alongside the strategic procurement of goods from external sources, enabling seamless supply and export operations. Leveraging our extensive experience and well-defined business strategy,

we systematically evaluate the requirements for seasonal production procurement of essential oils and their constituents. Furthermore, we are dedicated to delivering precise counsel to our clients through adept risk management in the realms of procurement and sales, as well as by conducting thorough assessments of prevailing market trends, all with the overarching goal of enhancing our client’s advantage and success.

24*7 Customer Support

Known by our finest customer services via. email, phone, social network or chat. We achieved 100% client satisfaction by our excellence in service.

Global Presence

We have registered our presence in 50 countries including USA, India, UK, China, and Gulf Countries. More than 1 million customers using our products.

Quickest Delivery

Our fast, convenient and reliable shipping differentiate us among the industry while providing you Domestic and International shipping

Best Price & Deals

We are Known for selling products at the most affordable price while offering a heavy discount on bulk or individual orders. 

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